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#14262 - Tom and Gary were the most excited because they could imagine what was coming. I was on knees and took out Chad's well he was black so obviously he had a big one he wasn't comfortable in this position so he put on a bench and began to face fuck me suck it you little bitch you know you want it suck it oh yeah he was deepthroating me most of the time and I choke on it until Tom told him to stop and to let me work my magic and I did I licked it all the way up and down there wasn't any inch of those long nine inch covered in water it was all covered with my saliva this turned him on even more he was moaning like a ghost he then spat in my mouth I felt like a dirty bitch while licking his balls and juggling them in my mouth he came all over me he shot 5 or 6 strings on my body he then tried to put the head of his dick in mouth for me to wipe it clean I heard Tom yell yeah let him eat it he didn't eat mine earlier as I was telling him I don't like to swallow

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Ibis douglas
Omfg same here i never tought id live to say this but this bitch is even hotter than lisa ann
Youko sasakura
Delicia demais margarita
Hey man she said stop dodo dodo