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#255650 - Why did I go back there? I knew what they would be doing that was so mean of me. I looked at Gerald and he just smile at me. All was fine for about 30 minutes it may have been 3 minutes I don’t know but I rolled over to feel a hard one in my hand I jerked back into a hard one in my thigh OMG what have I gotten into but I was warm then I felt a cold hand on my neck and a hot poke on my butt then two cold hands on my breast I just started shaking and quivering the poke in my butt cheeks was a little harder and it slipped between my legs it slipped in a little too easy and that was it he was in I moaned and then Gerard let go of my neck and I could move but I didn’t Gerald then got on his knees and rubbed his dick on my face I didn’t open my mouth then he started rubbing himself and his balls were rubbing my nose and lips Gerard grunted and I could feel him let go then Gerald relieved himself I felt it on my cheek and then Gerard then said hey man friendly fire watch it.

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