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#36333 - I could feel the cool air on my rear just as I was trying to push my skirt down I caught a glimpse of someone standing behind me as I turned to look there was a very good looking young man blond hair blue eyes, Oh my god I thought he must have been standing there all the time when the wind lifted my skirt and must of seen everything I then wonder if he had indeed seen me jugging by his face he had, Then I heard the woman say “come on Andy sorry he’s my grandson she said he’s staying with us for a couple of weeks while his moms away, I could sense he was eying me up and down he must have gotten out of the car after we had started to walk up the drive, As we stepped inside the hall I started to explained and show the couple the down stairs layout of each room all the time I could sense him looking at me I mean it wasn’t every day a young man finds a mature woman sexy clearly he did, I then showed them the garden as we stepped out side to look the grandson was behind me w

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Ellen kurokawa
My nigga really just stole his dad s phone made a account posted this got verified and probably made profit man when i see you in school teach me
Kirino chiba
Onr more change