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#328915 - “Gemma – give me her underwear NOW!” The youngster merely handed me the things she had brought down – I discovered a ‘designer-label’ bra, thong, suspender belt and matching stockings! ‘Boy - am I going to have a WILD evening!’ Clipping the suspender belt back on its-self around her waist was easy enough, after I rucked her plaid skirt up around her waist, and substituting this black lacy number for the boring white cotton bra she was already wearing wasn’t too difficult either, once I’d slapped her across the face a couple of times to quieten her I ditched any ideas about substituting the thong . but getting the stockings onto her trussed-up form … HOW to do that!? “Gemma – come over here ,,, as I hold each of her legs out – you roll a stocking onto it – OK!?” So I untied each leg in turn, and, applying hugely excessive pressure with both thumbs to the nerve point near her groin, she had no option but to straighten her released leg, in an attempt to relieve the agony I

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