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#159861 - As I un-cuffed her she grabbed my cock and started sucking it, yet again all the way down to the base, she then came back up and started to cuddle me, we lay there cuddling and talking for an hour or two, when mid-sentence she straddled me and slammed her moist pussy down on my fully erect penis she slowly fucked me with a swaying movement, she then handcuffed my wrist to the bed, she then jumped off and started to suck my cock but this time she had her finger on my backdoor, she slowly massaged me while still fucking my cock with her mouth, she then lubed her finger up and slowly pushed her finger up inside me, not far but enough to feel it, with that movement and the amazing deep-throat I started to cum again, she then came back up and cuddled up to me and slowly fell asleep, I could feel my eyes closing as I drifted off into a deep sleep. I carried on walking when I saw a classy lady in a red dress that fell half way down the top part of her leg, it pushed her tits together and ma

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Nono morikubo
Do you watch anime
Why is this so funny to me hahaha
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This is one of my bucket list fantasies