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#96810 - Me neighbour asked when they would start the next stage,my mother said she already had,she had several guys that were interested in me,my neighbour asked where she had found them,she said on the internet,she had been chatting to them about me for a couple of weeks,one of them wanted to see photo's of me first,she asked him if he had a digital camera,he said he had,my mother said they would take some photo's of me later on,then she could e-mail them. After about five minutes she started moaning again,she began bouncing up and down again,my neighbour was lifting his hips up and down,everytime he did my mother let out a louder cry. When he came down he told my mother it was fixed,my mother asked if he had brought the rope,he grinned and from his pocket he took a long thin piece of rope,he said he was looking forward to using it,my mother laughed.

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