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#3174 - Andy also has a very easy going personality and he has the “O’Hanigan” charm, Joe always laughed when Andy said it, he thinks that it’s just Andy’s smile that helps him out of trouble and most of the times the past year into some girls’ pants. A few blocks later they got to the O’Hanigan’s home or as the name board in front said, “Fort O’Hanigan”, Andy sauntered up the footpath to the front door and went inside, Joe was like a second son to the O’Hanigans and Joe felt as home at their place as at his own home. Finally Maryse looks up at him and give him a weak smile “You can now pull out Joe, it’s OK” Joe slowly pulls out of her, releasing a copious amount of their cum, it dribbles from her red, swollen lips and run down her long, shapely legs, she shudders gently and turns to Joe “OK you can go now, I have to clean up a bit” Joe can’t believe that he gets dismissed just like that, in half a daze he walks over to his clothing, pulls on his boxers and jeans as he hear Mary

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