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#200006 - she came to me, kissed me and i was so confused! she kissed me slowly, gently on my lips,i felt her warmth tremble down my spine as she slowly moved her leg rubbing my groin. she moved to me sat on my dick and grinded against me, she slowly moved her clit around the tip of my dick, softly while she got hotter and wetter, i held her thighs looked into her eyes and grinded her left from right, up and down while her wet juices sliped down my shaft, little bits of my cum dribbled down her pussy while she rubbed and grinded, she started to moan, carefully asking for more, i teased her, knowing she wanted it but i teased, i carefully sliped an inch, just the tip of my dick down her pussy, moved my tip around in circles in her wet hot pussy, i felt the tingle, the feeling of it. The Kiss.

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